V i s i o n s   o f   M a n
©1988,2003   Jerral Sapienza & LLX Press
A running commentary on Life
Jerral Sapienza
No man born of God's good earth	
could know in weary wondered worth
the deemed deceptions deeded dearth
of heaven's gilded flower.

The price we pay for muted pain
is quiet relevance's reign
til crazy courted cons are sane
with memories of power.

So waking wond'ring wand'dring men
whose truer sources stem from sin
their quicker paces led them in
at near eleventh hour.

Our union brought its beckoned deed
to sow tomorrow's silent seed
in nearer nil communion's need
where weaker angels cower.

Aloft, arisen, led to heaven's sky,
these visions lifted one man, beckoned I.
    -- 2109.7091088
Hmmm... This was a lightning bolt of a poem which came to me in seven minutes, start to finish, as I was pulling up in the parking lot at El Torito to join some friends for a mindless margarita dinner on Sat Sep 10, 1988 in Eugene. I don't have any idea why these visions came to me, nor what they "truly" meant. But I couldn't NOT put them down, scribe of the Other Side whom I tend to be...

-J :-)

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