Thu May 22, 2003
U n i t y   o f   t h e   V a l l e y
Our Church's Embrace
©2003   Jerral Sapienza & LLX Press

Jerral Sapienza

Unity of the Valley is a blessed faith center, a
network of spirit and beacon of love.
Inviting and open, a thriving community
touched by the Wisdom Above.

Youth programs, Elders, and all in between
once of many traditions, now all here as One
for Fellowship, Family and Spiritual Sustenance
to share in the Faith and the Fun.

Here everyone's welcome to learn and to grow
ever closer to God's loving nurturing way.
Values and prayer life weave us together
as we journey through life day by day.

Let always our hearts then rejoice and remember.
Let thankfulness always be near and be heard.
Each day we commit to our Path and our Progress
Yearning for, Learning the Word.
This is a dedication poem of embrace about my home church, written as a Puzzle Poem, with the first letter of each line spelling the name of the church, in addition to the main message of the poem.

			Jerral Sapienza
			Unity of the Valley

-J :-)
© 2003 by Jerral Sapienza
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