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T w o   Roads  
©2001   Jerral Sapienza & LLX Press
My 46th Birthday Review
Jerral Sapienza
	Two roads or more diverged I'm sure 
		and might have led me home 
	but for the unfortunate fact that 
	my home lay over the Great Mountains west, 
		thousands of miles away.

	What roads were they, these two?  
	The road to riches, the road to Another Life... 
		not My Life, but surely Another.

	And so, I set off on that little journey 
		of five million steps or so,
		 and I sought that Next Jerral.

	Recently now, 
		back here in my burg of my sweet hamlet, 
		I have stood apart a bit, 
			away from that "Other Life" 
			and I've reviewed it 
			to see really what it might have meant 
				to me, to my Path.

	And what have I seen?  

	I have seen that essentially it was good.  
	It was harsh; it was challenging; it was lonely.  
	But at its essence it was still somehow Good.

	Born on that Path to Goodness, 
		I learned some of the limits to my health. 
		I traveled a bit.  
		I came away with no debt 
			and with many, many pennies in the bank... 
			like five million!  
		Curiouser and curiouser, eh?

	Two roads diverged in a concrete wood 
		and sorry I could not keep their way 
		and be that traveller, 
		long I cried and sighed my pain 
			until I came away 
			back to the rain 
				of gentle seeping peace. 

	No poetry still?  No poetry.   
	Rather, only more word salad.  
	Nice mix of pretty little squiggles on a page, 
		roughage perhaps, but no poetry really.

	Well, then, I think that I shall move on along now, 
		back to my garret, my hamlet, my life, 
		and see what meets me there for today.  Ciao, eh?   
    -- 1127.5051001 eof
Once my only landing place was Eugene... Then I ventured out to Chicago and beyond, then back again.

One learns more of Self as one travels, grows, returns to earlier times...

-J :-)

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