Wednesday: December 7, 1988: 03:00
T h i s   G i f t   o f   T i m e
©1988,2003   Jerral Sapienza & LLX Press

Jerral Sapienza
This gift of Time I give to you, my friend,
	in lieu of the Time we wasted, squandered, wondered, watched
That you might in your own gentle quiet wisdom ways of artisan hands
	weave a way to tell those tales again.

I give you my smiles I might have smiled as you spoke to me,
	my tears I might have cried when you told me hurtful truths,
	laughter and joy we might have shared beneath the great 
		Trees of Spring whose leaves sheltered our frail shouldlers
		in our growing innocent youth.

I give you my anger I might have shouted at you and with you,
	my fists pounding pitiful pleas of power in the dust as I may have
	fallen from my pedestal and broken your silence.

I give you my dreams I might have shared in a moonlit moment,
	my clouded confusions I may have confided.

I give you this Time to feel a dream resting on your arm
	as I may have there rested,
	to hold your hand steady to your own cause
	or to feel your steady hand on my trembling arm.

I give you this Time to make up your own mind.
    To think.  
	To be certain of Who you Are before you take another step.

I give you this Time to Speak or to be Silent,
	to Grow or to Wait,
	 to Count and See the Moments Passing,
       to Watch or to Walk with me.

I give you this Time to Be Yourself as Never Before.

  There is Time.   But there is No Time.
  We have Time.    Yet we have None.

I wrote this when a friend of mine kept telling me that "someday"
she'd come live with me, "sometime" we'd be together again, but it
was always "Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow..."

And she was considering making some HUGE changes / steps in life 
in order to come join me out in Oregon.  Her safe little quiet life was
about to change if she accepted my proposal and came to live with her
poet friend instead of remaining tied into a completely other system.
(which she never did, mind you!)

She always was active in sports and life, but seemed somehow to 
fear doing anything "just yet" about Us.  She played hard at sports, 
and yet I tended to feel that she played hardest at the sport of 
remaining always elusive, unattainable, just out of reach "hard to get."
Her continued delays had finally worn on me, and I was ready to declare
an ultimatum and move on another direction, which I did.

Since she in a recent game had broken her timepiece, I took this opportunity
to send her 'This Gift of Time' via Fed-x package containing a new sports watch.
That's why there are a number of references in the piece, double entendres of
"watch", "wait" etc.  It was my way of letting her know of my sensitivities of 
our situation, providing her a watch, and suggesting that it could be on her 
arm there a reminder of that Time which she was just not quite tending . . .

 -J :-)
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