T h e    V o i c e
©1989,2003   Jerral Sapienza & LLX Press
by   Jerral Sapienza

There's a great and mighty sadness in the world of disbelief 
	when an aching child alone has gone to pray.
	But an overwhelming wonder in his darkness and his grief
		brings the miracle of Spirit to his way.

"But we're born alone in emptiness," the cynic tells his son,
	"And we die alone no richer than we came.
	For 'tis better in a pauper's world to take the prize and run
		than to sit in pious emptiness and blame.

"Give your children what they're asking for and lose their due respect,
	give society no taxes if you can.
	See, there's no one better suited than yourself in retrospect
		for the total understanding of the Plan."

	 As the winds blow empty and the winds blow cold
	So the Voice grows silent and the Voice grows old.
	  From the womb of the East in Eternity's light
	      Grows a chorus of Voices in the Night.

Through the moving of the mountains and the shaping of the plains
	thus our peoples in their wisdom claimed to know
	how the Mother of the Planet meant we comfort all our pains
		how the Father of the Heavens meant we grow.

How we stood before the prophets from an earlier demise
	with interpretations only we might give
	how the fineries of logic bring the truth from out the lies
		boasting singular commitment that we live.

Now the message of the Vision seems to blurr and turn and bend
	but we've trusted it to bring us where we've been.
	So then, why should we believe it when we hear we're near an end?;
		Must we question all we've given, all we've seen?

	  So the winds blow empty and the winds blow cold
	 As the Voice grows silent and the Voice grows old
	   From the womb of the East in Eternity's light
	     Grows that Chorus Enchanted of the Night.

This one has lots of sound-play in it with many varied levels of voices. But what does it 'mean?' Well, to me, (and bear in mind I'm only one interpreter of it, scribe or no scribe) it's a story of the Gift of Spirit and how necessary it is to raise children with a perspective for what Spirit means. They must realize that their life emanates not only from the two people who came together and bore them, but that Mother Earth & Father Spirit are our Parents first. On a deeper philosphical level of things, at that personal union of Heaven & Earth for each of us is our heart, then, where must dwell that spark of Spirit.

    One commentary this poem makes is that we see the effects of a lost society all around us. Not solely because of a lack of Spirit and its mark, but at least in part. Religion by itself doesn't bring people to Spirit unless they themselves have a spark already lit. No spark of Spirit alight at all, and it is indeed a dark and bleak place out there.

    Some politicians may have us believe that a call to Religion is and the formalized forms of Spirit are our answers, but I'd say not. It is whatever calls people 'home' which they need... certainly not to be judged by what some other sect for being outcasts, lost or strayed. The only judges on these things are not of this Planet! But at any rate, the call to Spirit, (that Womb of the East in the poem) seems to be calling more people, and as more people begin to shine their light, most certainly there is more hope.

    (Ed: 12/94)


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