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T h e   L o s e r   W i t h i n   I I
©2002   Jerral Sapienza & LLX Press

by Jerral Sapienza
That Loser Within me seems restless again
	his dangerous hand tilting the balance
	from my quiet way to Way.

Lost traveler?  Lonely one, crying for light, love, guidance?
	Does not he realize that all is yet within,
	guidance, free, open, path, clear?

All this world of mine now tumbling colorfully past its carousel dream
	and into a pocket I can't quite reach...

	I know somehow that one day I'll reach into that pocket again
		and find yesterday's dream, smiles, ambition crumbs.

Ambition Crumbs:  That's good news, isn't it?   
For it means then that my ambition was consumed and did SOMETHING!

And yet, still that Loser Within me is restless again; 
	it's a quiet unquiet he knows,
	worthless condition emergent 
	worsening sore on the pale skin of my day.

So, Loser Within that he is...  restless maybe . . .
	but still somehow a Gift
	because he keeps my eyes peeled on 
	Hope, Ambition, Healing, Tomorrow
		and reminds me I am not yet Home.

Thank You, Sweet "Loser Within" for you are not Lost,
	but instead have just found me 
		picqued by your every breath
		in order that We Both 
			find peace and 
			happier steps together.

Come breathe with me, conspire, plot and smile together.

I borrow your "s" and stiffen it up a bit, 
	draw it straight out,
	fashioning from it 
		that symbol of coming together: "v"
		and give it back to you now,
			that I might know you better as

	The Lover Within me 
		who awaits yet that defter cue to smile
			and take a step closer 
			to Tomorrow's Happiness!

Thanks for the Call, thou quiet voice within...

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This one is a re-make of one I did before called The Loser Within which didn't quite make it to completion... so I took its formal verse and freed it up a bit to try another story. I didn't really know quite where it would go nor if there was a "moral" in it, but I offer it up merely as a bit of practice with the pen yet again... I'm not in a lowly or unloved state as this might suggest... but I guess it's a reminder that "but for the Grace of God" our Lovers within all could feel themselves Losers...? Hmmm... Dunno.      -Jerral
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