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Jerral Sapienza
Which temple do you seek, my little lost friend?   
	And how can I help?
You were wandering here alone in the forest?   
	Or where are your people now?

I wanted to touch him, hold him, protect him 
	(though I didn't know from what.)

A lost boy in the forest triggered a part of me I lost 
	long ago in some forest,
  	never to be found again, 
	still wandering to this day, 
	even in a teaming metropolis. 

What part of me comes wandering into the forest just now, 
  to find me here in my own confusion, 
	lost, alone, weeping in the night?

"You will build a temple in the forest," they told me 
	several times, emphatically.
  And though I honored the vision every step of the way, 
	saw its foundation, its framing, its basic completion 
	scratching out the shady outline in the distance...

  Still I never quite knew if it was built
	done and readied.

And now a boy comes again in my dream, 
	my vision, to say he seeks the temple.

"I feel a sense that a new doorway is upon me, 
	ready, opening," I said 3 days ago, then the next day, 
	a gaping hole in my front wall
	where once there stood a doorway, 
	now merely an unframed rawness 
		where a new doorframe is built.

Though it is there now, I tripped a time or two on the threshold; 
	wasn't perhaps ready yet to see that new doorway, 
	new destinations, forest, temple.

Does the boy know something I don't yet?   
	Is he from the new temple?
		perhaps waits my arrival at its image, 
		yet to be born and visible to these eyes of mine?

What part of me, 
		will walk into that temple 
			and be Cleansed anew?

I surrender, Boy.   Come, let us see about that temple . . .
Another of the Vision Poems here... based on a dream vision I had, which in itself was based upon a vision I had had in a forest. The timing of this particular vision was odd, however, in that there was also in my life an "extended parallel" to it... a literal new doorway was being bored into the front wall of my little house here, and a new threshold there paralleled the dream's new threshold on another plane. Very interesting.

See also No Ordinary Moment, another of the Vision Poems here.

-J :-)

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