A   S o n n e t   f o r   S u s a n
A teaching exercise
Jerral Sapienza

	A sonnet, flowing words upon the page,
	with pre-existing form and structure clear,
	impedes no image dancing on the ear,
	enticing heart of Lover, mind of Sage.

	So loose the beasts of poesie from their cage
	and look upon them fairly, not with fear,
	easing forward, inching to be near
	a final hope where once was only rage.

	For none is clearly out of any's reach
	if Faith conducts the passage through that door.
	The greatest writers past could only teach
	aspiring writers confidence to pour

	with such undaunted pow'r releasing each
	a flow'ring bud, producing hundreds more!

		Thu May 3, 1979
		Corvallis, OR

    -- 1940
This was something I wrote one afternoon as a response to a whined complaining challenge of a friend of mine, Susan S., a cohort of mine in a Shakespeare class where we were reading sonnets and challenged to write one.

Susan said it's so hard... how can we do that!?

So I answered with a response by writing one for her as both a teaching story and a sonnet in Shakespearean form.

She was shocked! -J :-)

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