A   S o n n e t   f o r   S e a n
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An exercise
Jerral Sapienza

        Fret not my little friend who in his fear
	of failing sweet accomplishments in life
	restricts himself and doesn't always feel
	secure in self-esteem, belies his strife.

	Each and every one of us is small
	and lost in some form, challenged from the way.
	No traveler keeps a foot upon the stone
	path to home while trying still to play

	or show his higher aspirations where
	delight and joy are one day to be found.
	Value knows its worth and needn't claim
	expensive garish glitter by the pound!

	None is lost who knows the way within
	to higher paths where love and truth begin.
    -- 1346
Just a little 17-minute exercise sonnet for keeping the standard sonnet form and giving Sean something else to look at, work off of, use as inspiration in some of this poetic rivalry we're playing with lately. He said "You can be like Shakespeare and write your advice sonnets to this boy, me."

You'll note the formal structure of the sonnet here, too. It consists of 14 lines, three quatrains (4 lines each) plus an ending couplet. Beat is iambic pentameter in most cases... always pentameter, but there are four lines which are actually not iambic, but trochaic.
        Why? Because this is also a puzzle poem: encoded message down the first letter of the entire length of the poem, the initial some of the initial letters rather 'forced' trochees instead of iambs from out my pen! My apologies to the formalists who noticed. :-) I'm sure that had I taken a few more minutes on it I'd have fixed those, too, but the iamb vs. trochee was a moot issue for this one anyway.

-J :-)

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