S a t i n   S o n g   o f   M o r n i n g
©1987,2001   Jerral Sapienza & LLX Press
A song of Mourning
Jerral Sapienza
Satin Song of Morning,
rustling its softness, sliding out my night,
I knew you called me home.

Nowhere did I know you again,
no voice who spoke silent wishes reached me.
Glad, open arms held their silent embrace
as you welcomed me back home?

No-- too many tears have fallen, 
too many miles reeled their distance between us
too many suns have smiled on me
when you were not home.

Gingerly the stars yet dance and frolic
sweet encompassing clouds accompany.
Graver moments may have known us
when they summoned us home.

But this, our night, is ours again:
My love is friendship now, a satin cloak
you wear when quiet, alone, remembering.
As you meet me within at our home.

Satin song of mourning,
rustling in its softness, sliding out my night
I knew you called me home.
    -- 0200.7062087
Visiting an ex-lover and wondering where we stood then...
The bed's sheets were satin, the morning was satin, yet this was for me a Satin Song of Mourning, for I knew we were no longer One in any description of the word.

-J :-)

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