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S a t u r d ay   E v e n i n g   W a n d e r e r
©1999,2001   Jerral Sapienza & LLX Press
by   Jerral Sapienza
Curious Wanderer, I,
	lost sometimes, fallen beneath a dream ,
	beyond the dream I used to nearly touch.

Birthing still,
	yearning yet anew
	to find my feet, my youth, my way, my Truth...
	to set out again to Risk It All, and Learn.

Generations of lost souls probably wander somewhere,
	perhaps as I have wandered these last few months:
	hopeful, lost, alone, driven to the Light.

This is to me a Great Sacred Adventure,
	tested path for the trusting chela
	given to a special kind of Faith.

How many others test their faith in a fire,
	trust the divination of the ashes to
	seek an omen in the strange haze
	rising from the ruins of yesterday's dream?

Call out and wake me if you think I sleep distempered,
	if your voices lead you another way,
	you, high upon your mountain, certain
	that Knowledge and Vision are yours,
	necessary greatness to save one wayward soul.

But otherwise, let me sleep my blissful peace
	for it is my dream I sleep, my life I dream.
	Let me joyful in my bliss remain "lost",
	for there is such magic in discovery of The Way.

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This one I wrote on CalTrain commuter line home between San Francisco where I worked, (and on this weekened evening, played) and the Peninsula south where I lived.
    I had moved to San Francisco (as I would, two years later, move to Chicago) throwing over an entire quiet other life in the Emerald Empire of Oregon to be jostled and tarried in the city, yet still "driven to the Light" as I say. The Light is symbollic both of the attraction of the City, and the inner Light of Spirit's Call to see which new Jerral might emerge from this geographical as well as social/spiritual challenge.
    This one, I suppose is actually not unlike, in some very significant ways, another poem here, Canopy from thirteen years earlier, which in one part, yearns as it says, to
Loose the melodies of years in their promises on wing
Welcome new tomorrows' Jerral here to grow.
... another reference to the youthful yearnings to feel connected either the one's world around one, or the inner callings of Spirit. Either way, I'd be satisfied.