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Recognizing the True Friend Within
A Journey

by   Jerral Sapienza
©2001   Jerral Sapienza & LLX Press
Once is not enough; remind each other you care.
Nature embraces a Friendship's Path.
Breathe deeply and believe in Yourself and Your Friend.
Err always on the side of Kindness.

In time all Beauty fades, save Love and Friendship.
No wiser than a Fool is the Instant Judge.
Give thanks more often than the sun rises.
Always be willing to hear and see the Truth.

Give and Receive trusted advice patiently.
Opportunity is a Doorway where Friends often mingle.
One plus one is always greater than Two.
Defend the Undefended: bear witness for Absent Friends.

Fill your own cup last.
Remember special Dates, Places, Ways.
Intention is the Mother of Beginning Anew.
Even Friends need time apart.

Never give up: Remember who you are.
Discovery is the process of Becoming a Friend.

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Another of the Teaching Poems... This one on the subject of
Friendship.  The series was originally conceived as a series of
reflections for my son, begun in a series years ago when he was a baby.