Wednesday: December 7, 1988: 01:32
Our Corner in Time   
©1988,2003   Jerral Sapienza & LLX Press

by   Jerral Sapienza
	So quiet the rocker, its rails now so silent
	no patter of feet near the lonely debris.
	No pig-tails there tangle in broken oak dowels,
	no creaking legs bending with weight.
	Grey dust on white blinds there perfectly patterned
	built well on its formless but flawless grey slate.
	Fair windows now darkened from weathered conditions
	No matter; no lookers to see.
	A bookshelf, a tea-cup, a once-shiny mirror
	Piano stool toppled away from the keys.
	Too many sad memories fallen and broken,
	Too many dried teardrops too late.
Brass key rusty lock Marriage. Thick web musty smell Questions. Curiosity Decision Divorce. Responsibility Renewal Rebirth.
01.52 ---
(phrasings I didn't use in this poem, which were played with for later...)

Such sadness in leaving this tattered dominion
Such tearful Emotions here cry of defeat
Such rueful beginnings and endings here beckon
such wanton respect for the days.

This one's a commentary of a growing family in some difficult times. It's not autobiographical since I was never married... but it somehow was definitely a reflection of some of what I was seeing around me at the time.
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