0020 Eug: 10.May.2002 for Adam

Not My Month, he said
( for Adam )
©2002   Jerral Sapienza & LLX Press

by   Jerral Sapienza

"Not my month," the lad there sighed, 
his voice then trailing off, despair.
"How can this be? I'm fifteen now!
It's crap!  It's just not fair."

"I didn't mean to break the law.
I've been a good kid up to now.
Why treat me only like a crook?
Does not it matter how

it happened?  I was not alert
I should have known and now I will.
But now a record follows me,
and has to taunt me still?"


All lessons have a price required to pay 
admission fee to greater Learning's Gift.
Sometimes, a difficult decree it feels,
to patiently allow the sands there sift

beyond constricting boundaries into
the future where we see solutions clear.
And other times a gentle payment's smile 
is price enough; there is no pain or fear.


Not always in the moment can we know
just what a lesson's price is meant to buy
yet even in our darkest times we grow
if Faith can be the twinkle in our eye.

Though roads may wander, friends betray or fail,
Uncertain Change is merely life's release
where patience, love, integrity prevail
to help us in our turmoil find our peace.

This day, dear Ad, this month, another test.
We know you will succeed; you're still the best!

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This one's just a little timely enouragement for my son Adam 
who got his first traffic ticket today and found it a bit overwhelming.

Not to diminish the gravity of a traffic ticket nor trump its message.
But a gentle reminder still that even in all darkness can we find a
seed of light, twinkling there, if we keep looking up...
perhaps not unlike the peace and comfort we feel from the stars...
guidance, trust, reminder even of our trials' insignificance in the Big Picture!

But then, let's not get carried away;  that's perhaps another poem still, though not unlike 
another already here!  One has these feelings of insignificance, ya know?   :-)
     -Jerral Fri, May 10, 2002. /7051102.0115

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