N o   O r d i n a r y   M o m e n t
©1994,2003   Jerral Sapienza & LLX Press

by Jerral Sapienza

No ordinary moment met me here upon the cloud
 where I in quiet contemplation came to get away.
I stepped upon a memory and fell into the deep; 
 a rush of wind upon me then I floated.

Down and down I spiraled, deeper, further, far away
 my trembling childhood met me there alone.
I wondered if he recognized me, felt that I knew him;
 he sighed and reached right through me then;  I knew.

I couldn't touch him, hold him, heal him, let him know I cared
 for time and I were strangers there, imprisoned, distant dream.
I felt his tension, heard his thoughts and knew his pain within.
 "Someday," I thought "he'll know that I was here."

Then just as sudden, flames leapt up, encompassed all the sky,
 before me then renewal beckoned, chards of Light in Darkness.
My childhood faded, bled away, no sweet resolve as eyes there burned
 I'll never lose the memory of that gaze.

Empassioned fear it seemed to say, commitment calling higher selves
 away perhaps, beyond the bounds of peace.
The wafting winds of time then billowed, fed the flame and led me home
 no ordinary moment, but a freedom still:  release.

		Begun as a question, a present from me,
		   This moment I trust to Eternity.	

This was a reflection of a "recollected vision" back into my childhood which occurred quite spontaneously as I wandered in a forest in the night. There was a haunting intensity to the burning eyes of that little boy which left me stunned.

In general when I have thought back on my childhood I didn't find any of this kind of memory... an ordinary child growing up in an ordinary household, you know... But in this little vision, I was given the distinct impression he had much, much more to tell than merely the ordinary tales of a boy's life.

    There is also another poem here, too, The Temple, which also is a visionary poem about "The Boy"... younger versions of myself as a youth which came to visit me in later life. These boys and their accompanying elder sage Jerrals who have come, too, have taught me quite a bit about myself over the years.

     -Jerral (Ed: 11/94)

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