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BD Reflection #32
Jerral Sapienza
Though Nature turns her back on me and rues,
her quiet doting ways have always shown
she sees me eased reliance count its fare
as shards of shackled masses, not my own.

(Though steps now glisten as sparks now fly,
my pathways climb into the sky...)

So many graven images here fall
by brief but brazen winds there blowing cold:
I once had built a castle high upon
the sands, believing trusses there would hold.

(But steps there faltered in fire and flame; 
my trek inched onward still the same... )

Dark shadowed shoulders burdened blackened form
amidst a dusty grist of sifting sands
recall a clouded cost, these passing years
when poetry could not unbind the hands.

(Then steps there wandered, well way-laid
as silent guile within betrayed...)

But Time now stands to reck this wounded will
and place it on a path again anew:
within its hopeful heart a dream instill
to share the way, a friend at thirty two.				. 
    -- 0248
This poem was written in Johnstown, Colorado in the wee hours just past my thirty-second birthday. Keeping tradition of writing a poem for each marking birthday, this was my inward glance this year... certainly not one of my most brilliant blissful years, one might surmise. My son was almost a year old, I was visiting him and his mom there, and I was noticing that it appeared that things were in the offing, boding a bit of darkness. Funny how we realize certain obvious things sometimes, eh?

-J :-)

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