M y s t e r i e s     W i t h i n
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© 1986,2003, Jerral Sapienza & LLX Press
(Sung here by Carl Vigilante)

by   Jerral Sapienza

If I were a caterpillar, lolling gently in the grass
	Never wond'ring, always wand'ring on,
	All the leaves and blades of green would tremble slightly as I pass,
	Nothing lost as seasons' joy was gone.

Though the world might wag its way beyond me in its daily turn,
	Islands form from shifting waters' sands,
	Mountains' lavas shake and rumble, molten masses churn,
	I alone crawl slowly though these lands.

Completely unaware of terrors taunting worlds beyond my view,
	I, in simple fascination, see my day begin
	As there above me burns a fire of Light upon its path anew
	this tiny worm knows nothing of the Butterfly Within.

		We live our lives in worlds we see; 
		And Things There Are as Things Must Be!

							=j: 2222
This is another of my favorites, actually. It later became a Children's Song, performed a bit by my friend Carl Vigilante Carl Vigilante, who's an Oregon RN, LMT and Folk Singer who likes sometimes to travel across the US with his music & his artwork.

    This sweet little view of life is quite an appropriate story for children, because of its upbeat and intriguing way of looking at the process and beingness of becoming. Pretty fine, pretty fair, pretty simple!


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