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  O h ,   B u s y   O n e !  
©2002   Jerral Sapienza & LLX Press
A guidance poem for   Marley
by   Jerral Sapienza
Hello, My Sweet Aries Friend, bounding about, driving & doing...

"Busy as normal," you tell me.
   I smile, as you might know I would.
   Will she ever learn, even from her own successful research?
   "Ah, such a stubborn driven one," I think to myself...

Full lives, like fancy colored feathers, 
   are almost always fragile, 
   often too exaggeratedly brilliant a sheen to be natural.   

Be careful you don't dance so much in the colored feathers
   that your own coat, 
    your own cloak, 
     your own comfortable linen frock
	becomes uncomfortably plain.

It is well to study and understand the dance, My Dear.
   But do not forget your feet, your natural amble and sway,
   smiling along a river bank listening to the birds,
   slowing sometimes to sit among the great wise trees of yesterday
   and hear silent tales in the wonderful dance of their leaves.

Sometimes it is well to allow life as Nature to dance around us,
   gentle and beautiful in its simplicity.  God's Creation,
   age-old tonic teaching us so much more
   in its earthy wooded draught
   than all the world's books, teachers, activities.

Be sure to allow time, My Dear, quiet Marley time,
   for God in His Infinite Wisdom to speak directly to you
   through His beautiful, bountiful, varied creation. 
   Inspiration perhaps, answers to some of Life's difficult questions.

Even the great mountain sheep needs sometimes to rest, chew her cud,
   evaluate the day's climb and ponder a bit tomorrow's challenge.

Quiet time is not wasted.  It is essential inspiration 
   to learn some of Life's greatest necessary lessons
   which will be so crucial to you later in life:
   How to Listen,  Trust,  Believe in Yourself,
   Honor your own Accomplishments and Gifts,
   as well as those of Others.

Be Well, Marley.   Be Happy.   
  And trust that All Things shall in Time
  be Clear, Understood, Fair, Wonderful.

  I say there are no accidents in life;
  No roads mis-taken, no times of strife;
  No deeds mis-done, no wrong paths taken;
  No lack of will, no courage shaken.

  There are in the world but two forces here,
  one force is of Love the other, of Fear.
  We honor whichever is strongest within,
  whichever we feed is the one which will win.

  One moves us away, hurries off in retreat
  Knows usually a feeling of sadness, defeat.
  While the other in fullness, moves closer in there
  to smile and to open, to take time to share.

  The sun is a gift of Creation above
  its path and its patience, reflection of Love.
  What a wonderful temperment, warm, open, free.
  "Perhaps I can let that be a lesson for ME?!"


        Psst!:   Slow down a bit, Dearie...  Keep Smiling!

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This one was an advice poem for a student of mine who, it seemed to me, was getting a little ahead of herself hurrying headlong into Tomorrow without taking the time to be present for Today. All the best intentions, no doubt, but I just wanted to remind her of some of the quieter lessons God's Grace have to offer and the way you have to slow down sometimes in order to partake of these wondrous joys.. .

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