Begun: May 2, 2003 - 1115h
M a n   o f   S t o n e
©2003   Jerral Sapienza & LLX Press

A birthday greeting from the Other Side
Jerral Sapienza
I find sometimes a man of stone within
whose blood is thick and cold, can hardly run
but somehow still this mountain's heart is warm
its tears the rain, its joyful slopes, the sun.

It sweeps and slopes from valley's floor below
with massive overpowering crags too steep
to climb but still a call I hear above
and must my feet still onward ever  keep

upon this path.   New challenges have shown
my heart susceptible again to break.
Oh, yes, at forty eight I should be wise
but life, my friend, and love their own path make!

I stray from earth to reach for stars above
and take the risk to take the time for love.
Falling in love again this year... slow moving mountain that my heart is, it moved. Noticing, however, that my heart is still susceptible to ups and downs. . . I should be wise at 48, I say, but life and love their own path make! Yet well I hear your beckoned warning: Who knows the wisdom of this sort of fancy of heart? All will be well, I'm sure. All will be well. Time has a way of wisening us up, I'm sure. One day I'll learn? -J :-)
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