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L a   B e l l a   V i t a  
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A Love Story
Jerral Sapienza
		We speak many languages between us three
		have traveled the world across every sea
		for the magic of learning and growing to be
		something more, like our hearts' eyes see.

		It's a challenge to speak of the lives we share
		how we answer the judgment, the questions out there;
		how we loose shackled boundaries they'd have us ensnare...
		They don't understand how we'd care. 

		It's not to rebel or to flaunt or to shove
		any face in the dirt, any hand in a glove.
		It's something more Spiritual, a call from above;
		like a tickled sweet feather of Love.

		How can we sustain it? (You doubt us, you say)
		You search for a label: straight, bi, maybe gay...
		It confounds and confuses your checkboxes, eh?
		Sometimes Life's messy that way.  

		It stands a world apart, alone: the heart
		who lives La Bella Vita, breathing Art.
    -- 1535
Well, I am Italian, so La Bella Vita is probably something which is nella mia anima

Yes, it's a Love Story. Some may call it fantasy, some may call it scandal. Either way, this is my story of my unconventional way of seeing some of the people in my life at this time.

For you Astrology fans, I have Venus in Aries with a Libra Moon, Jupiter & Uranus conjunct in the 8th house in Cancer... and so just can't help my romantic idealism. Perhaps call it astrologically predestined to dream & get a little intense about these things? :-)

-J :-)

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