The Phases of the Moon and Heavens interest me.     Ironically it wasn't until I studied Astrology that I learned more about the order and movement of the heavens. Perhaps some would have seen it in studies of Astronomy or Physics. But not me. My Physics background was in Engineering Physics, and the Heavens wasn't really a part of it.     But when I studied Astrology, it all started to make sense.     Go figure!   I also see the Four Elements (Air, Earth, Water, Fire) referred to in Astrology as related to Handwriting and personality and other parts of life, too.   Gotta keep an open mind, eh? :-)

©1987,2003   Jerral Sapienza & LLX Press


Handwriting and Astrology Linked
	The Moon will wax and the moon will wane

   its simple pleasure reflecting light   

   to bring understanding in her sweet refrain

   and a glow of hope in the night. . . 

                                -Jerral 7.30.2002
. . . As of Tue 09Mar21 03:01:26 (PST) The Moon is Waning Crescent (16% of Full)


       F u l l    M o o n  
		   a tale of rising tides of lightness
				-Jerral Sapienza

	Of the tales of a Greyer Yesterday, the Quiet Moon brought forth
her gentry... I know her not, they told me... A quieter man may well have
held his tongue.  But not I.  For in the flowing pace of the evening's
circled orb, my mind could keep no peace it didn't know.  Born hence on
waves in night's delicious bonds, no current could I there betray to lead
her more astray. Yea, not... My moon, my gracious gift most pleasant given
forth its day to night-- I wonder sometimes- wander, too, I say-- to know
yet question greater single paths... She rose tonight, her thin chiffon a
mist, more woman in her strong embellished way than all the rage of
pageants' passing dolls whose temporal pursuits of beauty leave them wan...

	Now well her own she stands above- before me- calling out in sweet
reflection all the days before whose evenings lit by luscious glow of
petaled shadows.  And in those faint reflections, hundreds mine, no nearer
do we come to sweet perfection, mem'ries borne to beam beyond the
bounds...  the full entrancing goodness drips from clouds to earth and
shows us yet another cast whose troupe we'd no idea stood stood before us,
well rehearsed and readied, awaiting only defter cues to plunge them
headlong into action-- faint and pure.

	So quiet then her boastless beam, no grief nor pompous gift she
bears, but only hangs above us there, a looking-glass of day's pretentious
gallant glow, an opportunity to show that more of life may one day know
the Full Moon in her own. . . 

2041387: 0406

I was extraordinarily inspired by a moonrise here... such a beautiful full moon that night, that I had an entire dance of beauty & poetry both within me and above me in the beautiful heavens. It fell upon me as if it were a moonrise of several centuries ago, and that's the lyrical resource in the language of the poem. I just couldn't help it! --Apr 13, '87 Eugene

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