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Anthony's Poem #1: A Poetic Irony
Jerral Sapienza
©2003   Jerral Sapienza & LLX Press

	She tugs at me now and won't let go,
	She rips my heart out of my chest and teases me with my fears.
	Yet still I don't even know her or what she wants,
		persistent, ubiquitous bitch.

	I once thought she was my mother's friend, my father's, 
			the whole world before me.

	Now I see how she only tears them all down,rips them to shreds, 
				separates me from family, self, life.
	I used to flirt with her, want her so badly, 
		yearn to be taken in by her, used a little, seasoned a little, 
			emboldened, experienced, loved.

	Now I see what a fool I was, just a dreaming boy 
		whose drives and passions and ideals 
			could be so easily dashed by her passing indifference,
				impertinence, deference for nothing, no one, ever.

	Yet this dream, this love, this idealized version of who I could be
		is more unfettered now, now that she and I 
			are each so equally indifferent, agreeably detached. 

	Now I better understand this pretentious ubiquitous whore, 
		who has wanted me all my life, who will never give up until she gets me.

	She'll have to share me, though, because, my friend, 
	I fully intend to live my life fully, all the way to The End 
		and make her pushy driven passion Hell in the pursuit.

	Fight me, then, if you will, Time, you scurrilous tramp.

	But I will never surrender to you, 
		no matter how much you push me, pull me, destroy me.

	You taught me young to yearn and question, always wanting more.
	Yet now I see the ruse you weave, you fake: you're just Death's Whore! 
    -- :0016
      This poem isn't quite what it seems. It's one I wrote for my friend Sean, who is working on another screenplay and asked if I could create for him a couple of poems for one of his characters, 20 year old Anthony, who's entered himself in a poetry jam, and pours out his wretched heart to a roomful of people who really only hear some long drawn-out dark poem and couldn't care less about its "depth" not to mention the fact that they don't give a damn about his self-focused melancholy!

      Poor Lad. But anyway, it's a poem about how he flirted in his youth with growing up, wanted always to be older, to learn and experience things, to have Time run with him, take him up in her arms and make him older. But then, he gets older himself and notices that she's a bit more relentless than he gave her credit for before. No matter how he tries, Time flows too quickly... the "persistent, ubiquitous bitch" as he calls her.

      So that's where this one came from if anyone asks. And be looking out for it in an upcoming movie one of these days... though it will only be excerpted pieces, and may be rather made up to look as though Anthony's quite the melancholic gothic fool! Dunno... Last I heard, Sean was doing some significant editing of this scene so who knows... the poem may not even appear? I'll keep you posted. ;-) -J

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