A m y   G e t   Y o u r   B u t t   H o m e  
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© 1990, 2003   Words & Music by Jerral Sapienza
Performed by Carl Vigilante, Jim Moore & Jerral Sapienza

AKA: The Irish Drinking Song, Amy ...
Jerral Sapienza
June is the month of the loveliest tree
the middle of Marion Carrion Spree
I sit in the shipyard & rue my degree
til my Amy comes homeward to me.

	Amy, Amy
	Amy come home for your children to see
	Amy, Amy
	Amy come home to me.

Join 'round and tell of the lovers' design
See lovers falter, may sorrows entwine;
Go 'round ensure that intentions align
But do it for history.

	Amy, Amy
	Amy come flatten your bloated debris
	Amy, Amy
	Amy come home to me.

Given to sup on a bottle of wine
Sullen retort in the sorrowest thine
Given to sleep in a thorny red vine
but carry that home to me.

	Amy, Amy
	Amy come homeward and sit on your knee
	Amy, Amy
	Amy come home to me.

Jostled on tarryman's lighthearted lore
And carried to Leeds on a pitiful score
though never we made it to get out the door
Still surely we'll one day see...

	Amy, Amy
	Amy come rattle the tattletale free
	Amy, Amy
	Amy come home to me.
Quantity broken and quality shorn
The faint-hearted feeble look weary and worn
as nighttime is fading to give us the morn
the characters dance and pee

	Amy, Amy
	Don't be so driven to terrify me!
	Amy, Amy
	Amy come home to me.

Crippled and lonely I lay in my bed
A broken old fart with an empty old head
A lard bucket under me laden with lead
as many come through to see.

	Amy, Amy
	Amy come try to be civil to me
	Amy, Amy
	Amy come home to me.

None in the masses had spoken so true
As I in my candidness always could do
But crazy old memories of Me & of You
Say you wouldn't listen to me.

	Amy, Amy
	Have you forgotten how many were we?
	Amy, Amy
	Amy come home to see.

	Amy, Amy
	Sorry but nothing is waiting for thee
	Amy, Amy
	'Cause Amy came home too late!!
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By the way, the wood-block sound you hear during the instrumental part here is actually me playing my taut cheeks with finger taps, which makes a nice percussion instrument.

This song is one of two which spontaneously popped into my head for no apparent reason late at night (or early on the morning of) Sunday the 14th of October 1990, when I was sitting and writing, and then just could NOT stop hearing these songs in my head. SO I put down my pen from the writing, and decided to take dictation of these two songs... this one and Know Where You Belong, another blues-y one.

Amy is a kind of Irish Drinking dance tune, while the other is a Back Hills Appalachian Blues tune. Couldn't really tell you why I was channeling these folks that night, but hey: Do we really have to know why?

One thing I do know is that I was corresponding at that time with a real life "Amy," about whom you'll find other poetry here written, but this one wasn't about her at all; it's just that I used her name because of its rhythmic pattern, which definitely fit the music.

-J :-)

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