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A m a t h a x   C o w b o y  
©2003   Jerral Sapienza & LLX Press
A Twenty-first Century Western
Jerral Sapienza
Turbulent clouds, calculating rancor to best confound me,
appease the gods enough to bring a white-wine colored rain
lapping at my cabin door high in the Rockies these days.

Evergreens don't grow up here much; it's too high for them,
stark and cold, but easy to glance a wolf silhouetted on the 
far peaks at night.  Full moon, daisy of the night time sky, 
rustles bats from their coffin cliffs, coyotes from their hidden
other worldly dens where they and snakes and spiders dwell.

Mine is a solitary life here, cynical hideout from society, sanity
temporary in its permanence, though permanently shifting, the
high cold winds forever rearranging lives all day, all night, everyday, 
every night.  The mountains themselves ask why.  

Aspen carpets their locks and lashes, granite dimples their cold
manly cheekbones.  Rough harsh threatening words they speak 
always chanting, taunting me with their flecks of golden silver 
twinkling, fake, ostentatious like a poker-playing miner's best
hack: bluffed, boasted, hiding yet belying a worthless hand. 

Almost as irrelevant as those damn tourist cowboys for whom
X always marks the spot on a treasure map back home to hell. 
    -- 2154h

Suffice to say that the part about the cabin in the Rockies refers to a real place, and the guy who lives up there is a recluse from the "real world."     Like many Americans these days, he lost faith in the "New America" (and specifically the "New American West" and its glitzy high-tech SUV take-over downsized corporate consumerism.)

And who can blame him?     He's seen too much:
    Yes, "X always marks the spot..."     but what gives them the right to think it was marked for them!?

-J :-)

PS: there's also a hidden message woven into this piece about a mystical training guide I was working on back then? See it?
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