A    P o e m    F o r    A m y
©1988,2002   Jerral Sapienza & LLX Press

a Teaching Story
by   Jerral Sapienza

Alone in the woods with my starry companions
Protecting me, lighting my way up above.
Onyx jewels in the heavens align in their mystery
Encompassing Peace and its Love.

Moon's Way in the orb of the Circle of Thousands
From centuries' passed in their stories well-told
Over hundreds of passages, pathways and roads
Running always to Prophets of Old.

A mighty gleem of wisdom shone
My youth its beacon there as one
Young hearts apart but not alone.


This one was an exercise in showing Amy that poetry could be written in a way so as to encode into it a clear little message without necessarily giving away the main of the story... take a look at the first letter of each line in the poem... Rather blew her away. Oops. ;-)   -j
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