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Pensive Moments While Awaiting Kathy
Jerral Sapienza

Taunt me, God, smile if You will.

The world is Yours to play with
  my wisdom but a gift 
  You take away 
   when You please,
  my health but a chip 
   You bet for sport.

The beauty of the waning sun today 
  beckons faith in me,
    and yet, to the The Painter, 
    it is but a sullied slate
    he'll clean without a care
       to do it all again,
       to bet the house 
	  and lose 
	   or win 
	  equally a lark.

I take a deep breath and only smile.

    -- 7081206:1824
I was sitting outside my friend Kathy's house waiting for her and thought to myself, "Back in my 20's I used to write a poem a day, sometimes several, most all in a formal structure of some kind. Let's see what I can do now, then, since I have a fixed bit of time (less than five minutes)." So I took a breath, thought about the shape of the world today, and just wrote. This is what emerged in that 3.5 minutes!

-J :-)

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