Mon Mar 22, 2004
A   M a r c h   S p r i n g t i m e   P r a y e r
©2004   Jerral Sapienza & LLX Press

Mar 2004 Chaplain prayer
Jerral Sapienza

Blessed Sweet Spirit of Spring,
Thank You for New Beginnings, 
  for Health and Wholeness, Happiness and Love
  Abundance and Prosperity in all things.

Thank You Dear God for New Opportunities
  at this time of year,
  to be aligned in Your sweet Love and Light,
  Your Gifts of Perfect Timing always.

When we look deep within we see
  possible and present
  our Highest and Best
  and for that vision we give Thanks!

Thank You, Thank You God!  

	May All Blessings Be!
	And so it is, Amen!
    -- 1615

-J :-)

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