Click Here for a No Frames Version

There are many javascript I Ching scripts on the internet, but they're all based (as far as my research can determine) on the coin tossing method of hexagram generation. This version, on the other hand is based on the yarrow stalk method.

The result is the immediacy of the coin tossing method with the reliability of the yarrow stalk method.

Use the drop down box to select the translation you want. Click on the Create Hexagram(s) button to generate the hexagrams. Red indicates a changing line.

Clicking on the Hexagram 1 or the Hexagram 2 buttons will replace the corresponding frame with the hexagram's details. Clicking on Hexagrams 1 & 2 will load both frames.

To change translations, just select the desired translation from the drop down box and resubmit.

If either frame is too small, you can move the center frame border to the left or right by putting your mouse over it until the mouse changes to a split bar, holding down the left button, and pulling it in the direction you want it to move.

I've created an file and an IChing.tar.gz file for folks who'd like to to have their own versions of the script. Both will uncompress into an IChing directory.

UPDATE 2002: Lyn Fallo was kind enough to point out a typo on both the Wilhelm & Legge versions of 42/Increase, so you might want to replace them if you downloaded the compressed files before 12/29/01.

Susan Shropshire pointed out that in IE 5 for OS X the topmost frame displaying the hexagrams is too narrow, so I've updated the frameset so you can resize the top frame.

Note: As I stated above, my primary goal was to create a javascript method of divination of the I Ching which would give the same results as the yarrow stalk method and I take full responsibility for the scripting.

The versions of these translations are based on existing on-line versions and I take no credit or blame for mistakes or omissions. I don't have the time to proof or research these translations, however I will make any corrections or additions brought to my attention.

I owe a debt of graditude to Steve VanDevender for his markup of the Wilhelm/Baynes translation of the hexagrams. These are individual hexagram versions which can be found as a single file version (it's a large file - 391 KB), courtesy of Akira Rabelais. I've made several minor changes to Steve's version, including; renaming of the files, removal of the circle & square images, and markup

I also owe a thanks to Charlie Higgins for his markup of the The James Legge translation of the hexagrams. I've made several changes, including; renaming the hexagrams and trigrams to correspond to the Wilhelm/Baynes version, renaming the files, punctuation, exclusion of some parts, and markup.

If you have a translation you'd like included with this oracle, drop me a line and I'll see what I can do. I have a minimmum requirement the translation be in an electronic text format (ascii).